Don’t let your hands give away your age! Experts have tips on how to keep them looking more youthful and healthier, so put your fingers on a few things to keep aging at bay.


Per the experts at Arizona Dermatology: “Dead skin cells can give skin on the hands a dull, aged look. Using an exfoliating hand wash once in a while can help slough off those old cells and make room for a fresh, new layer of healthy skin. If your skin is sensitive, use a gentle product and don’t overuse.”


“Applying a lotion or cream after washing your hands and bathing helps to trap water in your skin, which can plump up your skin [and make it look younger],” according to the American Academy of Dermatology. In fact, use moisturizers whenever your hands feels dry, especially during cold weather.


As far as age spots go, “many nonprescription fade creams and lotions for lightening are available” says the Mayo Clinic. “These may improve the appearance of age spots, depending on how dark the spots are and how often you apply the cream. Choose one that contains hydroquinone, glycolic acid or kojic acid. You might need to use such a product regularly for several weeks or months before you notice results.”


“Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen every day,” says Dr. Amy Kassouf, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a [high] sun protection factor (SPF) will go a long way to prevent age spots and wrinkles.” Staving off the sun’s UV rays can also keep hands from looking bony and shriveled as you age.


According to the skincare experts at Curology, “protecting your hands goes beyond applying sunscreen. Take care of your hands during everyday activities that can potentially damage your skin.” For daily antiaging benefits, a good idea is to wear gloves when you’re cleaning, washing dishes, doing yardwork and even driving.