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The Most Hardworking Royal Family Member Of 2018 Has Been Announced — See Who Took The Crown!

It’s been 39 years since Tim O’Donovan began compiling a list of each royal family member’s appearances for the UK newspaper The Times. O’Donovan does this in order to figure out who gets crowned as the busiest royal of the year. While it seemed like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were all over the place, a different royal swiped the title for the most hardworking family member of 2018.

Queen Elizabeth‘s daughter, Princess Anne, claimed the label of hardest working royal after O’Donovan totaled 447 appearances and another 71 outings overseas for her. And if the number doesn’t sound astronomical enough, Anne actually tallied more events than Prince William, Kate, and Prince Harry combined!
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O’Donovan noted that William, 36, attended 150 events in the UK and 70 abroad while his younger brother, 34-year-old Harry, made 108 appearances in the UK and 85 internationally. With the royal brothers out of the running, Anne was in competition with her older brother, Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales ended up falling short as he totaled 507 events — both nationally and internationally — while Anne came up with a whopping 518. However, Charles was given the recognition he deserved after conducting the most public duties in 2017.

As for the other royal family members, it wasn’t close enough. The survey showed that Prince Andrew totaled 394 appearances while Prince Edward did 463. And even though she stopped traveling overseas, 92-year-old Elizabeth managed to attend 283 events in the UK spanning over the year.

Prince Charles 70th Birthday Princess Anne
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While most royals dedicate their life to the outings and appearances, Kate, 36, focuses her life on motherhood. The Duchess of Cambridge racked up the smallest number of public visits with 87 since she was on maternity leave with Prince Louis part of the year. As for Meghan’s first year as a royal, she too was at the bottom of the list as the 37-year-old made 45 official engagements domestically and 51 abroad.

“I should again emphasize that the above table of figures should not be converted into a ‘league table’ of individual royal performance,” he once said, according to People. “All engagements differ as to time and content and there is also the time taken in preparation, whether it be a visit, investiture or speech.” O’Donovan added, “Except for Christmas Day and Easter Day, the Queen never has a day off from [reading documents] from the official red boxes.” So cool!

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