It seems Prince Charles and Princess Anne are quite the dedicated royals! According to a new report from The Times, the brother and sister made the most public appearances out of the entire royal family in 2017. What stars!

Charles (the future king of England) attended 374 engagements in Britain, while Anne did 455. Impressive! On top of that, Charlies did 172 engagement abroad, while Anne did 85. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s first two children are still setting such a great example after all these years!

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For the rest of the royal family, this has been quite a busy year. For starters, Philip, 96, decided to retire this year, however, he still did 131 public engagements. “His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh has decided that he will no longer carry out public engagements from the autumn of this year. In taking this decision, The Duke has the full support of The Queen,” the Buckingham Palace statement said at the time.

Since taking a step back from the spotlight, Philip has really been enjoying his time. “He is enjoying reading things he’s always wanted to read and gets up to what he wants without an equerry telling him he has to be elsewhere, or a camera following him,” a source recently told Daily Mail.

His wife, Elizabeth, 91, has barely slowed down, though! She carried out 296 public appearances in 2017, which is super impressive. Many of those engagements were around London, so not much travel was involved thankfully.

Charles’ eldest son (the other future king of England), Prince William, did 117 public appearances at home and 54 abroad, while his wife, Kate Middleton — who is pregnant with baby No. 3! — had the least of the group with 63 at home and 42 abroad. This fall, she had to cut back on her duties after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness.

Charles’ youngest son, Prince Harry — who has been busy celebrating his engagement to Meghan Markle — carried out 139 engagements at home (some with Meghan, which we’ll never forget) and 70 abroad. We can’t wait to see the royal family out and about in 2018!

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