Following his son’s arrest on July 15 for criminal possession of a controlled substance, tennis star John McEnroe has vowed to help his 27-year-old in any way he can.

Kevin McEnroe, whose mother is Oscar-winning actress Tatum O’Neal, was taken into custody late Tuesday night after he was allegedly caught in the middle of a drug deal. Six envelopes of cocaine were found on his person as well as more than two dozen prescription pills.

A statement from John reads, “The entire McEnroe family is extremely upset with regard to recent developments about Kevin McEnroe. This is a private matter and his entire family will do everything we can to support Kevin as he works through his issues at this very difficult time.”

Tatum, who divorced from John in 1994, has also publicly backed her son, posting a picture of her and Kevin on Twitter, writing: “Addiction is a disease. Not a moral issue. Support, Empathy, Love”

kevin mcenroe

The mother-of-three has famously battled her fair share of addiction, going so far as to lose custody of her kids for a time after becoming hooked on heroin in the ’90s. She was also arrested in 2008 for attempting to buy crack, not far from where her son was caught.