We’re so glad you’re OK, Susan Lucci! On Thursday, February 7, the 72-year-old actress walked the catwalk in the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection 2019 fashion show in New York City and sadly took a tumble on the runway. But, like a total pro, Susan didn’t let the funny moment get her down and had the most graceful recovery ever as she quickly popped back up and kept walking — you go, girl!

It was about halfway down the runway that Susan’s sky-high nude heels accidentally got caught in the full skirt of her gorgeous strapless red dress and the model tripped and fell. After getting back on her feet, the All My Children star smiled, laughed and mouthed a “Thank You” to the crowd as they enthusiastically cheered her on. After her solo strut down the catwalk, Susan later returned to the stage alongside Sherri Shepherd, Danica McKellar and Brooke Burke (just to name a few of the other stars!) for the event’s finale.

Susan Lucci Runway Fall

Yesterday’s American Heart Association fashion show was a particularly special event for Susan to support considering she revealed earlier this week that she’s “lucky to be alive” after recently undergoing an emergency heart procedure. In a candid new interview, the small screen icon explained that she started to feel tightness in her chest but convinced herself that she was just tired. It wasn’t until the pain returned and it “felt like an elephant pressing down” on her chest that Susan realized she needed to see a doctor.

After seeking medical attention, Susan learned she had 90 percent blockage in her heart’s main artery along with 70 percent blockage in another branch. “I was shocked,” she told People. “I’m lucky to be alive.” Cardiologist Holly Andersen told the magazine that Susan could have “suffered a significant heart attack or even sudden death” if she hadn’t seen a doctor when she did.

Susan Lucci
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