At age 71, Susan Lucci is nowhere close to retiring. And, in an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, Susan candidly opened up about her dream to return to Broadway and how she wants to continue acting for as long as possible. Scroll down to read Susan’s top tips for defying aging!

Fall in Love Every Day

Susan and husband, Helmut Huber, 80, just celebrated 49 years of wedded bliss on Sept. 13. “It doesn’t feel that long. I guess that’s a good thing!” Susan told Closer at the opening night of Broadway’s Pretty Woman: The Musical on Aug. 16. 

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“Helmut was always intriguing to me,” she added of what first drew her to the man who still melts her heart to this day. “Maybe it’s the [Austrian] accent! But he’s just a take-charge guy in a fun, smart way. And he always makes me laugh.”

Work Up a Sweat

Susan’s kids — daughter Liza, 43, and son Andreas, 38 — have blessed her with five grandkids, but the little ones will never tire her out. Her secret weapon? The Pilates Pro Chair, which she endorses on QVC. “It gives you the benefits of Pilates as well as for cardio,” Susan, who exercises six days a week and has her own line of self-named activewear, said. 

Dream Big

The Emmy-winning All My Children star aims to act forever. “Retirement is not even in my vocabulary. I’d love going back to Broadway. I loved doing Annie Get Your Gun [in 1999] and I’ve been offered other [stage productions] but it just hasn’t been the right thing,” she shared, revealing that her bucket list also includes tackling a feature film.

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Keep Moving

“I have never had a desire to slow down,” said the energetic and driven diva, who insisted that 70 is the new 40. “I love to keep learning, growing, and challenging myself with new experiences.”

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