She may have changed where she calls home, her wardrobe and her career after marrying Prince Harry last year, but Meghan Markle is still the same person today as she was while acting on Suits. During a new interview, the popular USA show’s producer Aaron Korsh assured the Duchess of Sussex’s fans that she hasn’t changed much since becoming a member of the British monarchy.

“Meghan is who she is,” the 52-year-old producer told Life & Style earlier this week of the former actress, 37. “She’s a grown woman. She’s not in her 20s. I think she’s a fully formed woman. Meghan is the person that she was.”

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“I’m sure that being in that position, I’m sure would have some long-term changes, but she’s the same,” Korsh continued. “I’m going to guess that she’s pretty much the same person she always was and adapting very nicely to the challenges.”

By challenges, one could assume he may have been referring to her alleged feud with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, as well as dealing with what seems to be never-ending attacks from her estranged family members. But Korsh, who got to know Meghan on a deep level as they worked together, insisted that she’s strong enough to hold her title as Duchess of Sussex.

“It’s funny, I had watched some royals thing, I don’t know, whenever it was, eight or nine months ago, and it showed these clips of Meghan as a little girl being so poised and confident about a soap commercial that she wrote an ad about,” he gushed. “That’s an 11-year-old girl that’s standing up for herself and fighting for women’s equality in the world.”

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Even though that was more than 25 years ago, using her voice and platform is exactly what Meghan recently did when she shared her passion for feminism during a speech on her first royal tour last fall. In Fiji, Meg reflected on her own college years while stressing the importance of empowering women in education.

“That’s what I mean about Meghan is a fully formed person,” Aaron explained. “If you can handle yourself in Hollywood, you can handle yourself.”

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