Stars of The View are clamming up now that frenemy Sherri Shepherd is beating them at scoring political interviews — with sources exclusively telling Closer the gals are playing hardball and refusing to book anyone who first plays footsie with Sherri.

The feud fired up after Sherri, 57, scored a high-profile “get” with Vice President Kamala Harris.

“These women didn’t climb to the top by playing nice,” says an insider. “They’re competitive to the core — and now that Sherri’s stepping into their territory, she’s in for a fight!”

Despite the competition, The View cohost Sunny Hostin recently revealed that she still keeps in contact with former costars Sherri, Paula Faris and Candace Cameron Bure.

Additionally, Sunny, 55, called out some of her other former colleagues for their outspoken comments about the show.

“I’m always surprised when people speak negatively about our show, if I’m being honest,” she told Us Weekly on May 26.

As for the colleagues of the past and present she still maintains a good relationship with, Sunny is grateful for their “sisterhood.”

“We are all close, regardless of our personal views,” she explained. “We leave all of that at the table. So I’m always surprised when someone says, ‘I don’t like that person.’ Because it’s never personal.”