Sheinelle Jones has shut down the rumor mill! Her Today costars began speculating that she didn’t have a belly button, and her response was everything.

The bizarre segment began with Craig Melvin and Al Roker giggling about something that happened before the camera started rolling.

“The reason why Craig is having a problem is that we just were, right before we went on, we revealed the fact that Sheinelle didn’t have a belly button. And now, she has one,” Al, 69, told viewers at home.

Sheinelle, 45, played along with her costars at first, telling them that the belly button rumor is an “urban legend.” Later, the NBC anchor clarified that she did in fact have a belly button, however, she “had to tweak it a little.”

The Pennsylvania native referred to how her body changed when she had kids. Sheinelle is a mom to son Kayin and twins Clara and Uche with her husband, Uche Ojeh. “If you saw me, you would never know,” she said of the belly button fiasco.

Craig, 44, still couldn’t contain his curiosity, asking, “Oh, it’s a medical thing? But you’re OK?” Eventually, he asked Dylan Dreyer to proceed with their scheduled segment as the colleagues got the rest of their laughs out of the way.

The playful conversation was all in good fun, as Sheinelle expressed her gratitude for being a part of the morning talk show just last week.

“I’m thankful for good mornings and I’m thankful for you!” she captioned a carousel of photos from the show’s set on Instagram on March 29. “Even when I don’t feel like it some days walking in, these folks make my heart happy and I always leave encouraged! I hope we can do the same for you too. ❤️ @todayshow.”

Sheinelle Jones slams belly button rumors
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

She also provided fans with an update on an injury she sustained after taking a scary fall during a run this week.

“I’m running down the street, and I fall on my face in New York City,” the mom of three told her Instagram followers in a video posted on Tuesday, April 2. “And so, I’m just bringing you behind the scenes, here. The last couple [of] days, after the show, I have been icing my knees.”

After suffering some bruises and scrapes on her knees and chin, Sheinelle said the fall taught her an important lesson: “Be more mindful of how I move.”