She’s an Oscar-nominated actress with a diverse career that spans decades. But these days, Sharon Stone is putting all her passion into another artistic endeavor: abstract painting. “I just get in this kind of trance,” Sharon says of her daily painting practice. Now, the fruits of her labor are on display at C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Called “Welcome to My Garden,” the exhibit features 19 paintings by the actress, and is the first time her artworks are being shown outside Los Angeles. “I created these works to understand the essence of pure creativity that comes from heartfelt truth,” says Sharon, 65. “To let go of the noise, the judgments, and the pollution of our societal pulls.” She also wants to encourage people of all ages to pursue their dreams. “You can do whatever you want! And all you have to do is do it,” she says. “People start things, but they don’t finish them. You have to finish it. Discipline is everything.”