NBC cohost Savannah Guthrie took some time off from her busy schedule to spend some quality moments with her kids, Vale, 4, and Charles, 2. Instead of taking them on a walk around the park, the mom-of-two took them to a ball pit and had so much fun playing with her children in the endless “sea of baby blue.”

“In a sea of baby blue with my favorite baby blues 💙,” she captioned the adorable pics of her and her children via Instagram on Tuesday, April 23. “They are absolutely adorable and such a great cross between you and your hubby,” one of her followers commented while referencing her kids’ father, Michael Feldman. Another said, “Thank you for sharing your beautiful family again. I love seeing Vale and Charlie. These pictures are just so beautiful 💖🍦🍭🎈.”

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In a sea of baby blue with my favorite baby blues 💙

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When Savannah is not working on the Today show, she likes to spend her free time with Vale and Charles. “I care about their character,” she previously told Us Weekly. “I care so much about their souls and their spirits way more than I care about book smarts or what school they go to.”

Savannah doesn’t have to teach Vale how to be as confident or as strong as she is either because her daughter is already a great leader.  “That’s just who she is. I love her fearlessness,” Savannah gushed. “She just came out that way, and all I have to do is get out of the way and hope she gets to do exactly what she wants.”

As for Charles, Savanah just hopes that her son will follow his dreams and stay true to himself no matter what. “It’s just as important to me that [Charley] grows up in a world where his and his sister’s potential is realized,” she said. “We’re all working toward that goal.”