Savannah Guthrie has an important message for her followers: beware of the fakes! The Today cohost slammed scammers who are currently trying to sell counterfeit copies of her new book, Mostly What God Does, online.

When the book was released on February 20, it saw tremendous success with sales on Amazon, so much so that the buy button suffered a glitch. Multiple scammers tried to sell a fake workbook, modeled after the book, but Savannah, 52, assured everyone that it’s not legit.

“I couldn’t believe it. My mom sent it to me, and it says it’s a ‘workbook,’ and it’s even yellow like the color of the [real] book. But I didn’t write any workbooks, so don’t buy them!” the broadcaster told Page Six in an interview published on February 24.

Savannah also took to Instagram to warn her followers not to buy the workbooks.

“PSA!!! These ‘workbooks’ are not real and not by me! Watch out (they spelled my name wrong — that’s the first clue)” she captioned a screenshot off the workbooks in question on February 21. “I haven’t done any work book — just the book which you can buy at OR from any retailer or Indy bookseller!”

Days later, she once again addressed the workbook scam on her Instagram account.

“PSA — so many fakes out there! I didn’t write anything other than the book Mostly What God Does — no workbooks, no studies, no nothing!” she assured her fans on the platform.

Writing Mostly What God Does was a life-changing experience for Savannah, who grew up in a very religious family.

Savannah Guthrie walking in NYC

“I’m not writing this book from some mountaintop where I’ve received some wisdom, and now I’m imparting it to the world,” she said in an interview with published on February 20. “No, I’m still down here, struggling. Still down here, disappointing myself. I’m still down here, needing faith, needing grace, needing mercy, needing love. That’s why I wrote the book — because I’m the person that needs to read it. And so I thought, if I do, then maybe others do, too.”

“All of what I have come to realize is that all of that is my faith story: belief and doubt, you know, joy, and also disappointment and sorrow. It’s all part of my faith journey,” the newscaster continued. “It’s all enhanced what I believe and have come to understand about God.”