Savannah Guthrie ditched her cohosts on the Today plaza during a live episode of the show on Wednesday, April 24. The reason why she bolted across the sidewalk was actually quite adorable!

“Do you know that there’s a cute baby,” Hoda Kotb said as she was joined by Savannah, 52, Al Roker, Craig Melvin and Carson Daly outside on the Today plaza for a segment.

The hosts all looked over to the screen, which showed the adorable baby resting in his mother’s arms off to the side. “That is a Today show baby,” Savannah told the audience, as it was revealed that the baby belonged to a producer named Carter.

“Wait, where is this baby?” Savannah asked, to which Al, 69, replied, “Right there.”

Just then, Savannah took off running toward the direction of the baby. “Bye. Over to the weather,” she exclaimed after taking off in a sprint.

“You’ll never see that baby again, Carter,” Al joked as the other hosts looked on.

Savannah picked that baby, who is named Oliver, up into her arms during the sweet segment. Later on during the episode, Oliver made another appearance during a cooking segment. The little one sat in Savannah’s lap while Carson, 50, and Al participated in a cooking demonstration.

“Savannah stole Carter’s baby from the plaza,” Carson told the audience, which earned laughs from those around him.

Savannah Guthrie Today plaza
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Savannah is no stranger to motherhood as a mom to two kids, Vale and Charles, whom she shares with her husband, Mike Feldman. She opened up about the joys of motherhood in her new memoir, Mostly What God Does, and her inspiration behind writing the faith-based book.

“I wrote it for them, and it’s dedicated to them. It’s everything I would want to tell them,” she told of the project in February. “If I died tomorrow — not to sound morose — it’s what I would want them to know about the God that loves them.”

“What I know is that it’s my job to give them the building blocks to teach them about the God that I know and help foster that connection,” she added. “And then I also know that when they grow up, it will be their choice. And it’s just my job to give them as much information but also experience with God as I possibly can.”