She is one of the most busiest women in Hollywood, but while Sarah Jessica Parker seems to always be on the move due to her career, the job she works most hard at is being a mom.

“There is no such thing as winding down. I get home to a busy house with so much that needs attention,” the 54-year-old told The Telegraph. “Primarily children, their meals, their laundry, their backpacks, their homework and countless attempts to get everyone up the stairs, showered and into bed, though my son is pretty self-sufficient and on his own schedule.” The actress has been married to fellow actor Matthew Broderick since 1997. They share three kids — son James, 16, and twin girls, Tabitha and Marion, 10.

Sarah Jessica Parker Matthew Broderick
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“Sometimes, if there is a moment, my husband and I will talk or I will call a friend. But we’re watching the television less and less, and I can’t recall the last time I soaked in a tub for pure joy and relaxation,” Sarah told the outlet. However, even though the Sex and the City alum has a lot on her plate, she always makes sure to be at home for family time.

“Whatever I’m working on, I try to be home for dinner, or at the very worst, the kids’ bedtime,” Sarah explained. “We enjoy cooking, especially when we can all be together — and cook most meals from scratch. Dinner is almost always some sort of salad, chicken, vegetables, pasta or lamb chops. We are enthusiastic eaters.”

Sarah Jessica Parker
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She added, “My children are the priority. I always try to be at the spring concert, or their recital, or their parent teacher conference when I can.” What a mom! Sarah isn’t the only person in the family opening up about their everyday life — the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star, 57, once discussed just how close he is with his wife.

“We both have a similar sense of humor,” Matthew exclusively told Closer Weekly about his wife. “It’s good to be real friends.”