Even though Sarah Jessica Parker starred in The Family Stone, the actress recently admitted to Vulture that she doesn’t follow it as passionately as the fans. “You probably know the movie better than I do,” the Sex and the City star insisted. “I’ve only seen it once.” What?!

Sarah wasn’t completely against taking the movie out of the archives of her memory, though. “Maybe I should watch it again,” the 53-year-old said while adding that her nine-year-old twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, could join. “Maybe my daughters would love it.”

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Now would be the perfect time to grab a bag of popcorn and lay by the fire with her daughters to watch the famous film. But surprisingly enough, Sarah revealed that watching Christmas movies isn’t her idea of getting into the holiday spirit. “We don’t watch a lot of movies at Christmas. It’s very strange. I didn’t grow up watching movies at Christmas,” Sarah explained. “At Christmas, we always went to whatever the big movie was, as a family.”

Even though they wouldn’t watch traditional Christmas movies like Home Alone or A Christmas Story, Sarah’s family did get together to watch some films. “Actually, we used to watch — now, I’m remembering this — when you could start renting movies on your own we always watched Albert Brooks’s movies at Christmas. Always.” Sarah also mentioned that they used to watch classics like Defending Your Life, Modern Romance, and Real Life.

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Even though Sarah hasn’t watched The Family Stone in a while, she did love making it. While filming for the flick, Sarah dished one of her favorite scenes to shoot, and it’s probably not one you were expecting. “I was absolutely completely covered with it. I recall going in for coverage, and having to stay covered in it,” the actress recalled when filming the scene where she had to fall into the breakfast strata egg dish. “Like, I couldn’t clean up. I had to stay because they were going in for tighter shots, and we couldn’t try to re-create how it had spilled on me. I spent many, many hours staying in that outfit.”

So why did Sarah enjoy it? Well, it’s simple. “I love that stuff. I love falling. I love all the physical stuff. I love props. For me, the more real all that can be, the better the work is, the better I feel like I’m actually having the experience, so I don’t want anyone else to do it for me. I don’t care if I’m covered in some Swedish egg casserole or whatever that was.” Whatever floats your boat, lady!