Luke Bryan took a brutal tumble on stage during a recent concert, and his American Idol buddy Ryan Seacrest won’t let him live it down!

At the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver, Canada, on April 20, Luke, 47, was performing on stage when he slipped and fell flat on his back. The crowd screamed in horror as they waited for the “Country Girl” singer to get back up.

Like the true champion that he is, Luke sat up and laughed after taking the nasty fall. He revealed that a cellphone that was thrown onto the stage caused him to slip.

“Hold up, did anybody get that?” he jokingly asked the audience after recovering from the fall. The Georgia native checked his elbow to see if he had any scrapes before throwing the phone back into the crowd.

“It’s OK, my lawyer will be calling,” he playfully told the cellphone owner. Luke then asked concertgoers in the front row to see the video of him falling that they snapped on their phones. He grabbed someone’s phone to watch and laughed. Before moving on with his set, Luke quipped, “This is viral.”

And while Luke’s fans applauded him for getting back up after the fall, Ryan, 49, decided to point out the blunder during Sunday’s episode of American Idol.

“So, hold on. Before we get going, I just want to check to make sure. Luke, you’re moving OK. You looked all right at the open of the show there. … Are you damaged in any way?” Ryan asked Luke at the top of the episode on April 21.

“What are you talking about, Ryan?” the country singer replied, to which Ryan responded, “Well, just a few hours ago, you had a concert, right?”

Luke Bryan Falls on Stage
Al Bello/Getty Images for Teton Ridge

A clip was played of Luke falling during his Canadian concert. “I’m all right, baby,” Luke assured his fans. When Ryan asked Luke if the fall was choreographed into his performance, Luke replied, “No choreograph there. Good old-fashioned foolishness.”

Later on during the American Idol episode, contestant Nya performed “I Say a Little Prayer.” As Luke was complimenting her amazing performance, Katy Perry chimed in to say, “Why don’t you just fall or something?”

“Be like me, make life harder for yourself,” Luke told Nya, 28. “No. It was so effortless and so smooth. Great job.”