Ryan Seacrest got emotional during an episode of American Idol, leading one of his colleagues to comfort him on stage.

The touching moment took place after contestant Emmy Russell performed an original song called “Want You” during the April 14 episode of the show. Emmy, 25, is the granddaughter of late country icon Loretta Lynn. She explained that her song is about wanting someone who didn’t want her back.

Ryan, 49, had tears welling in his eyes as he walked out onto the stage following Emmy’s performance. “I’m crying,” he told the performer.

“Ryan, do you want somebody to want you like that, too?” Katy Perry asked after seeing Ryan get emotional.

“Love me, love me like I love you,” he replied. His response caused judge Luke Bryan to run up onto the stage. Ryan jumped into Luke’s arms for an epic hugging moment. The costars’ sweet embrace garnered a roaring applause from the crowd. Lionel Richie got up out of his seat, quipping, “That was a moment.”

“Knowing that was your song, you started writing at 9, and those are your lyrics, it was just so emotional backstage,” Ryan said of why the song tugged on his heartstrings.

Don’t let the tears fool you, though, because Ryan is lucky in love! He is currently dating model Aubrey Paige Petcosky. The radio host recently posted a photo with his partner on his Instagram account on April 4.

While the performance was incredibly moving for many watching in the studio and at home, Katy offered some constructive criticism.

“Miss Emmy, that was one of my favorite original songs that you’ve sang,” Katy, 39, said. “I know you were just a little nervous, but I just want more breath, more long notes, girl. Like, go swimming, learn how to hold your breath more, like, we need longer notes from Emmy, and I know that you have them. We need power. Come on, let’s go. The time is now.”

Ryan Seacrest Breaks Down in Tears in American Idol Episode
Disney/Eric McCandless

Luke, 47, made a funny comment about holding Ryan in his arms, calling him the “most expensive thing I’ve ever held.” The “Country Girl” singer then switched the conversation back to Emmy’s performance.

“That was so you,” he told the singing hopeful. “I loved it because it was so real, and I think we could really feel the emotion in that, and that’s what your artistry is about and don’t lose that.”

“That thing that you did with that song really is your signature,” Luke added. “It was very emotional and probably my favorite performance that you’ve done.”