Have you ever wondered why the royal family always looks so good when making appearances or during an outing? It’s probably because they are wearing a monochromatic outfit. Therefore, if you want to dress like a royal, you should probably stick to a one-color look. Whether it’s Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, or Queen Elizabeth, the royal ladies do not play around when it comes to fashion.

If you’re not sure what monochromatic means, well… it means an outfit containing only one color. So if you see Duchess Meghan, 37, showing up to an event wearing all pink or yellow, it’s probably because she is sticking to the monochromatic color scheme. Elizabeth, 92, is a huge fan of the solo-colored outfits. It’s even been said that she wears the ensembles during royal outings that way she can be easily spotted in a crowd!

And it seems like Elizabeth’s fashion sense is rubbing off on a certain someone. After being in the royal family for seven years, it looks like Kate, 36, is dressing more and more like her grandmother-in-law every day. After the brunette beauty returned to royal work after her maternity leave in October 2018 after giving birth to Prince Louis, royal admirers began to notice that she has been discreetly changing up her style.

While Kate’s typical fashion go-to’s include (or included) feminine silhouettes, print tops, skinny jeans, and pumps, she’s now starting to wear more bold colors — one of the many things that Elizabeth is known for. We wonder if Meghan’s style is going to change once she gives birth to baby No. 1!

Take a look at the best monochromatic outfits that the royal women have pulled off below! 

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