There’s no denying the new Roseanne reboot successfully talks about politics. Between Roseanne Conner’s clear love for Trump (Roseanne Barr is a fan in real life, too) and Jackie’s love for Hillary Clinton, there’s enough to start a family fight. And the fact that President Donald Trump even congratulated the show on its high ratings has fans convinced the sitcom is pro-Trump — but the show’s executive producer, Witney Cummings, doesn’t understand why.

“I don’t think I anticipated the positioning of it as a pro-Trump show… because it is not a pro-Trump show at all,” Cummings, 35 told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “She herself voted for Trump but I think people struggle differentiating Roseanne Barr and Roseanne Conner. I can see why. It’s called Roseanne. I myself have struggled with it in the writers’ room.”

She added, “Because the show is not about Trump, it’s about the circumstances that made people think Trump was a good idea. I think I was definitely a little surprised by the people who thought it was a bad thing for the country. Whereas I think the people who watch it, for the most part, agree that it could actually be a very healing thing.”

But Cummings has a reason why the writers brought politics into the show during such a sensitive time. “I think the idea is to make you talk. The idea is to make you argue. The idea is to make you figure out what you believe. Figure out what your opinion is,” she continued. “And so I think it’s a good thing in a lot of ways.”

Roseanne previously commented on the POTUS reaching out to her about the sitcom’s success. “I’ve met him several times when he was just a civilian, or whatever you call it, not the president, just a showbusiness person and he was always nice to me. He said, ‘Congratulations on the ratings,’ cause he’s really into ratings like I am,” she explained about their close relationship.

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Cummings is confused by it all quite frankly. “I definitely have been surprised by Trump taking credit for it. That was shocking because the show, the demographic was always so progressive. She was always such a progressive feminist so for him, I feel like he didn’t watch the show also, because it’s not a pro-Trump show,” she said. “And actually there are a lot of negative things about him in the show, so when he called and took credit and stuff, I was like, ‘Oh, well you didn’t watch it.’ I think Trump takes credit for a lot of things he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”