If you love reading fascinating (and sometimes ridiculous) facts about the British royal family, boy do we have a good one for you. In the new documentary Queen of the World, one of Queen Elizabeth‘s royal staff members revealed that the 92-year-old monarch has her bed linens freshly pressed on the regular — and it takes a whole hour for just one sheet to be ironed!

“There are special sheets that are used for members of the royal family and they are kept aside and brought out on only those special occasions when they’re here. It takes over an hour to iron one sheet,” Christine Macintyre, who works as Master of the Household at the Queen’s Canadian residence Rideau Hall, explained in the film, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. Besides the ironed sheets looking super crisp and clean, the pressing also, apparently, makes members of the royal family feel at home.

Queen Elizabeth
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“After a long day of traveling, there is nothing better than going into a bed that doesn’t feel like a hotel bed. And that is what you are trying to do — is to make it feel like they are in their own bedroom. And they are,” Macintyre added. Sounds awesome to us!

As if that royal fact wasn’t interesting enough, Prince Charles recently had to shut down rumors that he travels with is own toilet seat. Yep, you read that right. “Is it true that you carry your own toilet seat when you travel?” a radio host asked Charles in April of this year, to which he replied, “My own what? Oh, don’t believe all that crap.” The host then asked Charles’ wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to confirm. “So he doesn’t carry his own toilet seat when he travels?” he asked to which she quipped, “Don’t you believe that!” The more you know!

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