Did You Know Princess Diana Was Born to British Nobility? Plus More Facts About the Late Royal

Think you know everything about Princess Diana? Think again! The late royal is arguably one of the most fascinating people ever, so it’s time we learned some facts about her.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s beloved mother sadly passed away at age 36 in August 1997 — but her legacy lives on today. And while you may feel you’ve got her entire story down to a science, you might not know some key things about her.

Everyone knows the basics: Diana married the much-older Prince Charles, had rumored affairs, a plethora of boyfriends, was “The People’s Princess,” and more. But, before she became a princess, she was an adorable child born to British nobility!

Since the 20th anniversary of her death just passed, fans were especially extra curious about her death. Did you know Diana is buried on an island? Diana’s grave is on the grounds of Althorp Park, which has been her family’s home for centuries. Diana’s younger brother, Charles Spencer, chose this as Diana’s burial place for two reasons: so her grave could be cared for easily and so her friends and family can visit her without any disruptions from the public.

Click through the gallery below for more fascinating facts about Princess Diana!

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