Don’t mess with Prince Charles! During his royal tour of Australia with wife Camilla Parker Bowles, the 69-year-old royal was hilariously asked to clear up a rumor about himself and held nothing back in his reponse. “Is it true that you carry your own toilet seat when you travel?” a radio host asked Charles to which he replied, “My own what? Oh, don’t believe all that c—p.”

The radio broadcaster then turned to Camilla, 70, for her to confirm her husband’s statement. “So he doesn’t carry his own toilet seat when he travels?” the host asked to which she quipped, “Don’t you believe that!” The funny claim about Charles traveling with his own personal toilet seat apparently originated in Tom Bower’s new unauthorized biography, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles.

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Charles and Camilla in Australia on April 5.

In his new book, Bower also shockingly alleged that Charles and Camilla once plotted to publicly portray Princess Diana as “unbalanced and unfaithful” in order for Camilla to be more well-liked. The author wrote that Charles and Camilla worked with their PR rep and assistant private secretary Mark Bolland to devise a plan to attack Diana’s image. They reportedly wanted to “demythologize Diana by portraying her as a manipulative hysteric,” following her August 1997 death at age 36.

The biography further suggested that Charles once felt threatened by his son Prince William and daughter-in-law Kate Middleton‘s popularity. After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot in April 2011, “Charles grew worried that the public’s attention was switching to them,” Bower wrote. But Charles’ wife, Camilla, allegedly didn’t much care about royal fans’ adoration for William and Kate. “She didn’t give a damn,” noted Robert Higdon, the chief executive of Charles’ charity foundation. “[But] Charles saw Kate and William as the new stars and feared he’d be in trouble.”

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