Aww! Prince Harry and Prince William may take their royal duties around the holidays seriously now that they’re adults, but the two brothers actually had a lot of fun silly moments as kids when mom Princess Diana was still around.

In a letter — which was dated December 5, 1990 — she revealed her kids loved spending time with each other at Christmas because they could act like regular boys. “The boys are thrilled at the prospect of Christmas on the horizon and have searched high and low for any parcels that might be coming their way!” she wrote.

Prince William and Harry

Princess Diana addressed that letter to Ivy Woodward, a woman she met while tending to Prince Charles in hospital at the time. He had suffered from a broken arm and the Ivy’s son, Dean, was also in the infirmary for a motorcycle accident. The Prince of Wales’ injuries weren’t as bad as the ones sustained by the Ivy’s child as he was in a deep coma.

Troubled for her friend, Diana gave Ivy some helpful advice about dealing with Dean’s wife, Jane.

“Maybe Dean’s lady feels resentment for not being able to cope with that situation back in August and that can produce guilt and in turn confusion arrived and people are hurt and now Dean has arrived home and she [Jane] has turned very possessive,” her letter reads. “You mustn’t worry about it as time will iron things out.”

Diana added, “It was lovely to hear that Dean has improved so much but he wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for his mother and your determination and strength to get him back to full health again.”


On Tuesday, December 3, Princess Diana’s letter will be auctioned off for around $3,875 by Lawrences Auctioneers, according to People. The company also have another note that will be auctioned off in which Diana wrote to her bodyguard Sergeant Ronald, where she thanked him for his service in Nigeria.

“Thank you from the boss’s wife. Love, from Diana,” the late royal signed it.