It has always seemed that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are inseparable. During royal events, the daughters of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York are always spotted side-by-side, but what’s Beatrice and Eugenie’s relationship really like? Do they share clothes, do they argue, or do the sisters get along famously? They may be known for their memorable outfits and even more unforgettable hats, but there is a lot more to this sisterly relationship. From their special nicknames for each other, to living together, this is what you need to know, and may not know, about Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s relationship — scroll down for the details!

They’re only 21 months apart

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are the daughters of Queen Elizabeth‘s second son, Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. Beatrice, 29, was born on Aug. 8, 1988, and is the eldest of the two sisters. Eugenie is 28 and was born on March 23, 1990.

They were roommates

Before Eugenie and her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank moved to Ivy Cottage (a home within Kensington Palace) in April, the sisters lived together in a four-bedroom apartment at St James’s Palace. It’s believed Beatrice still lives in their apartment today. Meanwhile, it’s been reported now that Eugenie and Jack live nearby Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the two royal couple’s have become quite close.

They’re perfect opposites

In 2008, just before her 18th birthday, Eugenie gave her first media interview to The Telegraph, where she explained how she and her sister have very different personalities, yet they’re differences make them a closer pair. “We get on fantastically well, perhaps because we do and think different things,” she said.

“I am definitely not as polite as Beatrice, I have to say. I tell it as it is. I am shyer at first. Like, at a party I will say to Beatrice as we go in, ‘Oh, you go first.’ But then, when we’re actually in, I am much louder and she is far more polite and solicitous,” Eugenie added. Perhaps Beatrice is a little more calm than younger sister Eugenie who has also been quoted saying, “I do have an occasional temper — I sort of inherited my dad’s short fuse.”

They have very different fashion tastes

As well as different personalities, the royal sisters also have opposite tastes in style. According to Eugenie, she’s a little more low-key, while older sister Beatrice is a fan of the glitz and the glam. “Beatrice loves her glamorous dresses and her hair being curly or big — like mommy’s — and I hate volume. I like my hair to be sort of flat. I like just throwing on a pair of jeans and generally being more understated. She is more ‘Let’s do the glamour.’ We’re chalk and cheese,” Eugenie said.

They sometimes argue

And it’s usually over clothes! “It’s quite funny how, like most sisters, we sometimes fight about clothes. I always take her clothes back to school, for instance, which she hates. We had a screaming argument over a pair of Converse [sneakers] that I took back, which she said were hers and I said were mine,” Eugenie once told The Telegraph. “And, in the end, I realized they were hers when I found mine behind the door. Like all sisters, we have silly arguments about unimportant stuff, but we do love each other to death.”

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They’re both working girls

Unlike some of the royal family, Beatrice and Eugenie don’t do official royal work and therefore aren’t paid by the British taxpayers. Instead, the girls have real-life jobs just like the rest of us! Eugenie is a director at the contemporary art gallery Hauser & Wirth, while Beatrice has a job at US technology firm Afiniti as an outsourcing strategist.

They lean on each other

Eugenie and Beatrice have a close bond with each other and also their mother. The threesome even have a cute nickname for themselves — “Tripod.” Eugenie revealed to Harper’s Bazaar in 2006, “What can’t I live without? My family. That sounds cheesy, but I really can’t.”

“Especially my mom. I wouldn’t be able to make tough decisions without her. And my sister. My mom always says that we’re the only ones who know exactly what’s going on in each other’s lives,” she confessed.

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Beatrice is expected to be Eugenie’s maid of honor

Just as Kate Middleton had her sister Pippa Middleton as her maid of honor when she married Prince William, it’s thought (considering their tight bond), that Eugenie will choose Beatrice for the same role. While there have been very few details revealed about Eugenie’s October nuptials to Jack Brookbanks, one thing is almost certain — her older sister will play a big role in the wedding!

This post was written by Bettina Tyrrell. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.

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