How cool! Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, along with their mother Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, have signed their names on a painting on one of Ed Sheeran's guitars. The painting is being auctioned off to benefit one of their charities, Children in Crisis, which Fergie shared on her personal Instagram account. Sounds pretty normal, right? After all, when you're a member of the most watched family in the entire world, you'd think signing a few autographs would be part of the job description. Well, for the British royal family, it certainly isn't and by doing so, the princesses have broken royal protocal in a big way.

While you can get an autograph from plenty of other celebrities, if you see a royal out in public, they tend to refuse signing their name. This is because it's an anti-fraud policy to prevent their names getting forged for shady activities or sold as forgeries. But seeing as this is for a charity, it's not all that bad, surely? However, there are ways to get a scribble from your favorite Duke or Duchess. Earlier this year, before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle wrote a little message for an excited fan when she and Prince Harry visited Cardiff Castle, she just didn't write her name.

Like a lot of cute moms on social media, Sarah Ferguson posts a lot of pictures of her daughters, but she isn't the only prolific royal on social media. While Meghan (sadly) closed all her social media accounts upon becoming a royal, Princess Eugenie recently signed up to Instagram, which had us wondering, why is Princess Eugenie on Instagram and Meghan Markle isn't?

Well, like most things in the royal family it all comes down to rank and where Eugenie falls in line to the throne. Because Princess Eugenie of York isn't a full-time royal, and has to earn a living with a regular nine-to-five life like us normal folk, it's believed she's allowed to run her own social media accounts as she isn't trying to portray the same message as top-tier roles. While we're thrilled the royal social media accounts gives us fabulous insight into life as a royal, perhaps Sarah and Eugenie should scrub up on their royal rules before they cause a stir again!

This post was written by Bettina Tyrrell and Alex Lilly It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.

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