They’ve never been the best of friends, but Princess Anne and Camilla Parker Bowles‘ royal feud is now reportedly more heated than ever thanks to Netflix’s hit show The Crown

According to Australia’s Woman’s Day, Anne, 67, and Camilla, 71, aren’t happy that The Crown’s third season will introduce Prince Charlesinfamous romance with Camilla and again bring up past drama that the royal family has worked so hard to downplay over the years. 

princess anne camilla parker bowles
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“Anne and Camilla have a lot of deep-seated drama that they’d rather the world forgot about,” an insider recently told Woman’s Day. “But the trouble is that it’s all being dredged up – and The Crown is to blame!”

“Anne and Camilla won’t be able to pretend they don’t have a storied history for much longer. The past is getting dredged up again and 
it’s becoming seriously awkward for the whole of the royal family, who are being forced to pick sides. It’s only going to get worse as the show continues and it’s especially difficult for Camilla, who has worked so hard to try and win over the public. This is her worst nightmare,” the source continued. 

princess anne andrew parker bowles

Anne and Camilla’s ex-husband, Andrew. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Anne and Camilla’s feud interestingly dates back to the 1970s, when Anne started dating her first boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles, around age 20. But, by 1973, Andrew broke things off with Anne to instead romance Camilla. Andrew and Camilla later married in July 1973 and Anne allegedly never got over her first love Andrew and resented Camilla for seemingly stealing him from her. 

“There’s been bitterness there for a long time now and they’ve been famously frosty ever since,” the royal insider revealed. “Anne and Camilla have always had bad blood and [The Crown] is just unearthing a lot of old wounds. Make no mistake — there’s no hope of these royal rivals becoming friends!”

Of course, Camilla and Andrew later divorced and the Duchess went on to marry Anne’s brother, Prince Charles, in 2005. According to Woman’s Day, Anne’s love-triangle history with Camilla and her complicated sibling relationship with Charles, 69, hasn’t helped her feud with Camilla over the years. 

“Charles resents Anne, because he’s been preparing to be King for his entire life while she’s a royal rebel who does things her own way. She’s always been [Queen Elizabeth] and Prince Philip’s favorite, and that gets under Charles’ skin,” the source shared. 

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