It seems Camilla Parker Bowles and Meghan Markle share more than just a royal family bond — they have matching bracelets! Apparently, Camilla, 71, and her daughter-in-law Meghan, 36, have been sporting similar cross bracelets for months and we can’t believe we just noticed this cute jewelry connection!

According to eagle-eyed royal writers at Good Housekeeping magazine, Camilla regularly wears a dainty gold cross bracelet and has been donning the pretty piece of jewelry since as early as 2011.

meghan markle bracelet

Meghan, on the other hand, just recently received her silver cross bracelet when she was baptized into the Church of England earlier this year before she tied the knot with Prince Harry in mid-May.

People previously reported that Meghan’s bracelet is an 18-carat white gold piece thought to be created by Parisian designer Vanessa Tugendhaft. On the jewelry designer’s website, the bracelet retails for around $781.

For both Meghan and Camilla, their cross bracelets reportedly symbolize their joining of the Church of England and their allegiance to Queen Elizabeth, who is the head of the Church of England.

camilla parker bowles bracelet

Interestingly, Meghan isn’t the only member of the monarchy to have a piece of jewelry that matches Camilla. Kate Middleton reportedly wears a silver bracelet including a charm featuring her royal monogram with the letter “C” (for her full first name, Catherine!) that was a wedding gift from her mother-in-law, Camilla. The bracelet is extra special because Camilla and Kate’s official monogram’s both feature the letter “C,” so they match!