We’re always used to seeing Prince Harry composed, laughing, and in a good mood. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t human just like the rest of us. It turns out, the Duke of Sussex had a bit of a meltdown before the royal wedding in May, but for the sweetest reason.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry was “petulant and short-tempered” with members of the wedding staff. Although it’s not the most pleasant thing, anyone in a stressful situation would react the same way —  especially in this case where the bride and groom were watched by billions of people around the world — so it makes sense. He reportedly would raise his voice and tell others: “What [Meghan Markle] wants, she gets.” Anything for his lady!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Harry has always been so protective of Meghan. His body language and the way he looks at her says it all. It’s obvious how concerned he gets when it comes to her, which is part of the obsession we all have with them as a couple.

Let’s not forget the countless number of heart-melting video footage of Harry asking Meghan if she was okay when they met at the altar, which we all died at. Fast forward to this past month, Harry still makes sure to make Meghan feel at ease, even more now that she’s carrying their baby.

Just last week Harry toasted water in honor of his pregnant wife, making sure she felt included. When it was reported that Meghan would take a break during royal tour, Harry even “encouraged his pregnant wife to slow down after she felt tired when the opening of the Invictus Games overran by nearly two hours,” royal sources told Us Weekly. With all the toxic relationships in the public eye, how can these two not be relationship goals?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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