Now that Prince Harry is a father to little baby Archie, it has him thinking about his late mother, Princess Diana, and how much he misses her.

The 34-year-old royal is currently in the Netherlands to herald next year’s Invictus Games while his wife, Meghan Markle, stayed behind in Windsor in order to recover from the recent birth. While on his trip, the Duke of Sussex had a chat with Dennis van der Stroon, a former soldier, and the conversation turned to mothers and how they both have lost theirs.

“I told Harry about my mother and we talked about our shared experience of missing a mom,” Dennis revealed, according to Hello! magazine. “He said missing a mother is like missing some kind of security, how you need that as a son and it falls away when you lose your mother. He said he meets a lot of people in his work who have lost a mother, father, sister, brother or relatives and when he hears their story, as he heard my story, he said he doesn’t feel so alone.”

Prince Harry Princess Diana
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Dennis’ mother, Marion, died from chronic lung disease in 2014, while Diana tragically passed away in 1997 after a brutal car accident. “At a certain moment, we just got connected on this level,” Dennis said. “We talked about how my wife, Mireille, is 20 weeks pregnant with our first child, a girl, and he told me how special it was that his son has just been born.”

The new father and his pal also discussed being a parent, as Prince William‘s brother was obviously gushing about being a dad. “Harry talked about how having a small child was his new focus and new goal and I told him how a couple of months ago, I was struggling with my mental health but my wife’s pregnancy has given me a goal,” Dennis shared.

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“Above all he said he was just amazed by the miracles in the world, and how his child has made a lot of people happy. He also told me he’s really happy that his son is so far very quiet,” Dennis added. “But he also told me not to make too many plans and that there’s no way you can plan for when the baby arrives.”

Harry has been quite open about fatherhood so far — he spoke to reporters a short time after his son was born and joked he had only had “two hours of sleep.” “Meghan and myself had a baby boy early this morning — a very healthy boy,” he added, according to ITV News. “Mother and baby are doing incredibly well. This has been the most amazing experience I could possibly imagine.”

We know that Diana is very proud of her two sons!