When Prince George turned 6 years old on Monday, July, 22, parents Prince William and Kate Middleton knew exactly what to get him.

“He loves nature and building things,” a source recently revealed to Us Weekly. “[He] has asked for a pair of binoculars for birdwatching and an electric kids’ car, which many of his school friends have.”

prince george smiles wearing a white soccer tee in the garden at kensington palace
The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images

Not only that but little George will receive two birthday cards from siblings Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, before the day is over. According to the insider, Charlotte’s card will include an adorable drawing she made of her brother on the inside and when she gives him his gift, she will also provide him with another present her parents let her buy just for him.

The best part of the day, however, will be the birthday party Kate and William planned for their son. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have gone all out to organize a birthday party for George,” another source recently revealed to Us, and said that Kate and Prince William have each done their fair share in planning the party.

“[Kate] has done most of the organizing herself,” the insider admitted, but noted that Prince William was in charge of the entertainment and decided to hire a magician. “[He] loves magic,” William apparently gushed about George. And don’t worry about who’s cooking the food because Kate has that handled as well!


According to the insider, she hired a bunch of caters to bring all of George’s favorite foods to Kensington Palace so her son and his schoolmates will have a blast. “Kate’s asked them to make pizza, pasta and sliders,” the insider said. “They wanted cupcakes, an ice cream machine and candy. She generally ensures that her kids stick to a healthy diet, but birthdays are different.”

We know it’s a kids party but can we be invited next time?!