How sweet! Prince George and Princess Charlotte‘s baby cousin, Archie, may only be a couple of months old, but the royal kids have already begun bonding with the little one.

“They dote on him,” a source tells Us Weekly of how Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s two eldest kids feel about the baby boy. “Charlotte treats Meghan [Markle] and [Prince] Harry’s son like a little doll and is always asking after him.” However, little Archie isn’t the only youngster getting all of the attention in the royal household.

Prince George Meghan Markle Archie
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When it comes to playing with their 14-month-old brother, Prince Louis, George, 5, and his sister, 4, always make sure to “include him in their activities.” The three siblings have “a blast playing together,” the insider reveals. “Charlotte’s a bit of a tomboy and loves climbing and sports/ Although Charlotte’s much bossier than George, she looks up to him. They squabble over small things like toys, but the majority of the time they get along.”

It is no surprise that these kids have been bonding so much, especially since they have found themselves together quite a bit recently — on June 8, notable members from the royal family, including Archie and his cousins, attended the very important event, Trooping the Colour. We can only imagine that all the children got a chance to meet and play together! And this month, the Duchess of Sussex, 37, met up with the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, and along with their kids had their first public playdate together.

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It is great to hear that all of the little ones are slowly but surely forming bonds, and as the eldest, George has always had a knack for taking care of the younger family members — he is already an incredible big brother to his siblings, and has been spotted playing soccer with them, and giving them birthday gifts. Cute!

We can’t wait to hear of more of how these kids are enjoying their time with one another!