Patrick Dempsey is now dealing with his divorce from Jillian Fink — but it’s certainly not his only split that has caused some major drama.

Shortly after “McDreamy” was spotted still wearing his wedding ring following his current breakup, it’s been reported the actor struggled with a four-year divorce battle with his first ex-wife, Rochelle “Rocky” Parker, who allegedly claimed the 49-year-old was violent towards her in divorce papers.

According to court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, she wrote that she was “willing to put up with [Dempsey’s] physical abuse” because she was in love with him. She also mentioned how the actor broke her finger, causing her longterm pain and arthritis because of the incident.

patrick dempsey rocky parker

“Also, while we were on the set of his [1987] movie ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ he beat me up because he claimed he ‘wanted to see what it was like to beat up a woman!'” she alleged.

After meeting with Patrick’s representatives, Parker later issued a statement saying, “In the heat of a divorce, sometimes people say things they normally wouldn’t. I was advised to make these statements, but the statements of mental and physical abuse, as well as alcohol and drug use, are false.”

Parker — who is 13 years Patrick’s senior — was married to the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star from 1987 – 1994.

Radar Online‘ reported the story.