Get ready for another serving of Padma Lakshmi in your life! The Top Chef host, 48, has a new show coming to Hulu in 2020 and it’s intriguingly being described as “a living cookbook made up more from people and culture than recipes.”

According to a press release, the yet-to-be-titled series “embraces culinary traditions from the first Americans to the latest arrivals” and will feature the eight-time Emmy nominee‘s “perspectives and personal connection to each story.”

“Filmed around the country, each episode starts with a single dish that represents and connects to a community’s history and traditions, and explores the evolution of that immigrant community through that cuisine,” the press release continues.

The series will feature everything from “family recipes and street food to high-end restaurants” with and “each dish explored is a symbol of a unique journey and story that provides viewers a window into where communities came from and the tale of how they set roots in America.”

“In the hands of different families and waves of immigration,” the press release concludes, “an organic evolution emerges between traditional recipes and new approaches, different perspectives and emotions, all captured through Padma’s eyes.”

Produced by Part2 Pictures, each episode of the 10-episode run will run for 30 minutes. This is Padma’s first solo outing in the food TV world and she, for one, couldn’t be more excited about her new project. “It’s all happening ✨@hulu,” Padma tweeted of the news.

“If you know me, you know creating this show with @hulu is my dream come true,” Padma said in another tweet. “I get to meet so many inspiring immigrants from around the country and explore their cultural/personal narratives through their food. #weareallimmigrants.”

While she is obviously proud of her career, Padma considers her daughter Krishna, 9, the greatest accomplishment she has ever achieved. “I’m so lucky to have her,” she gushed to Closer Weekly back in May. “Her middle name is Thea, which means ‘gift from God.'”

“In 10 years, I’m not going to look back and say, ‘Oh, look at all these beautiful projects I’ve done,'” she also noted. “I’m going to say, ‘Was I there for Krishna?'”

We’re so excited for Padma’s latest adventure — and we’re sure Krishna is too. Can 2020 hurry up and get here?!