Even though it was released in 1978, the musical Grease had a big impact on its stars, and Olivia Newton-John recalls just how amazing John Travolta was to her through the filming.

The 71-year-old attended the G’Day USA: Standing Together event on Saturday, January 25, and discussed what her favorite memory of working with the Pulp Fiction star is. “Just his kindness to me. There was one scene in the movie where it was my close up and Rizzo pulls me forward in the bonfire scene and in the middle of my take he stops it and came over and whispers in my ear and said, ‘I think you can do better,'” Olivia told Closer Weekly and other reporters.

“That’s very generous. For an actor to do that with another actor. I [wasn’t] as experienced as him. That’s how he was with me. He was just very nurturing and sweet,” the “Physical” singer continued. The famous longtime pals would even consider sharing a set once again.

John Travolta Olivia Newton John
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“People have said for 40 years, “when are you gonna do a Grease 2?” They’ve done that, right!” Olivia said. “I think it’s best left as it is because it’s hard to follow something like that, that’s so iconic, that movie. Of course we would do something if it’s the right thing. Who knows.” This isn’t the first time that the Don’t Stop Believin’ author has gushed about the Oscar nominee — she once commented on how he is as a dad.

“He’s a lovely guy. He’s a very loving father, he’s a great husband and he’s a wonderful actor,” Olivia exclusively told Closer Weekly at Julien’s Auctions: Property from the Collection of Olivia Newton-John VIP Reception. “In fact, I saw him in a movie the other day that I didn’t even know existed, and he was so good. It was a Western, ‘In a Valley of Violence.’ He’s a great actor.”

John Travolta Olivia Newton John
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Olivia also touched on just how they’ve remained friends for over 40 years. “Well, I think if he goes through something as powerful as ‘Grease!’ How can you not, right?” she said.

It is always great to see just how close these two are!