Last week, Olivia Newton-John made headlines when a report surfaced alleging that her breast cancer had spread to her lower back. But a close friend of the 69-year-old star has since exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly that Olivia is actually “doing great” and “feeling so well” despite the rumors of her ill-health. 

“Olivia is doing great! She just wrapped up promotions for the 40th anniversary of Grease and she was feeling so well, she was dancing with John Travolta!” the actress’ friend told Closer in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. 

On Wednesday, Aug. 22, a source alleged that Olivia was “trying to remain positive” after learning her breast cancer had spread nearly one year after the star first publicly revealed her second cancer diagnosis. “It’s the beginning of the end for Olivia. This is her final fight and she promises to go out swinging. At this point, her goal is to make it to her 70th birthday on Sept. 26 and have a big celebration. Olivia is taking herbal medications and just trying to fight the cancer naturally. She’s trying to remain positive and taking things one day at a time,” the insider revealed. 

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“Her immune system has lost its ability to recognize that cancerous cells are different from her own cells. This has allowed her cancer to spread to her bones,” Dr. Gabe Mirkin, a longevity expert who has not treated Olivia, also said at the time. 

The latest report about Olivia’s health came on the same day that Australian news outlet The New Daily revealed that the actress had canceled her upcoming Australian tour a mere three weeks after the concerts were announced. 

According to the outlet, a short message posted to the concert promoter’s website on Wednesday, Aug. 22 confirmed “with regret” that the shows had been scrapped for “reasons beyond our control.” The message also stated, “We are very sorry about this — canceling shows is the last thing we like to do.”

However, Olivia’s friend subsequently told Closer that the cancellation of her tour “was due to scheduling, nothing else” and added that it wasn’t even a concert tour but just two speaking engagements. 

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Olivia and John on Aug. 15. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Olivia was last seen in public just a few days ago on Aug. 15 at a Grease 40th-anniversary event in LA. During the outing, Olivia — looking noticeably thinner — reunited with her beloved Grease co-star John Travolta and the pair posed for cute photos together on the red carpet. “John’s constantly calling and sending Olivia emails to lift her spirits,” an insider told Radar Online of the duo’s longtime friendship. “He couldn’t be any more supportive!”

Last November — just six months after Olivia announced her second breast cancer diagnosis in May 2017 — the star opened up about her health in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly. “I am no longer in pain and happy to say I am working again. When I get to sing the songs I love, it’s like a gift. Being on the road with my band has been healing for me,” she revealed at the time. 

“Of course, it was scary,” Olivia admitted of being diagnosed with cancer again after successfully beating the illness nearly 30 years ago. “But the words that came to my mind were ‘This too shall pass!’ I just had to believe that I was going to be OK.”

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Olivia with her husband, John. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

That upbeat attitude, along with the love of her husband of nine years, John Easterling, and her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, 32, helped Olivia prepare to fight for her life. “I talked to my body. I affirmed that I was healthy and strong,” remembered the star, who believes that a positive point of view can be crucial to surviving a health crisis.

“Depression suppresses your immune system,” she told Closer last year. “I tried to get my mind off my troubles by focusing on the things that I am passionate about.”

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