Dressed all in white, Olivia Newton-John and her similarly attired daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, harmonize with grace and ease in the video for their latest duet together, “Window in the Wall.” The upbeat song’s lyrics about finding unity in troubled times feels like the positive message the world has needed to hear. “It’s about relationships and the divisions going on now,” Olivia, 72, exclusively tells Closer. “It touched my heart and made me cry.”

Like so many, Olivia and Chloe, 35, have drawn comfort from family during the pandemic. “Chloe lives in Portland, Oregon, so I don’t see her very often,” confides Olivia, who resides on a ranch in California with her husband, John Easterling. “One of the greatest gifts of this pandemic has been being able to spend time with Chloe because neither of us has been able to go anywhere or do anything!” she says with a laugh.

Not surprisingly, music is a frequent topic of conversation for Olivia, a four-time Grammy Award winner, and her daughter. The pair’s previous collaboration, a re-make of Olivia’s No. 1 single “Magic,” from Xanadu, became a No. 1 hit on the Billboard dance club chart in 2015. “Music is both of our first loves,” Chloe tells Closer. “We inspire each other and love to spend time together being creative.”

Chloe, whose father is Olivia’s ex-husband, actor Matt Lattanzi, released her first solo single in 2010. Since then, her mother has been proud to watch as she follows in her footsteps. “She’s had a beautiful voice since she was little,” says Olivia, who adds that she never thought to talk Chloe out of going into music. “I’ve had such an amazing experience in this business that it would have been weird for me to say, ‘No, don’t do it.’”

Chloe notes that her mother has always been supportive of her dreams. “She always said, ‘I just want you to be happy,’” says the singer, who is in the process of recording new solo material. “She has always reinforced her belief in me. She always asked, ‘What do you want in life?’ That was the most important question.”


Olivia and Chloe have inspired each other in other ways, too. Chloe has been a vegan for many years, so when she is visiting the ranch, Olivia sticks to a plant-based diet as well. “I did it many years ago and then I was a vegetarian and then I went back to eating everything, although only organic and humanely-raised,” says Olivia. “But now I’m eating vegan and feeling very good.”

Chloe, meanwhile, has felt happy watching her mother thrive 29 years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. “When I see her glowing, that’s the most reassuring and powerful thing,” says Chloe. She praises her stepfather, John, for taking good care of Olivia. “He is a plant medicine specialist who worked in the Amazon for 30 years,” says Chloe, who was inspired to start a cannabis farm in 2016 with her partner, James Driskill. “It has made me want to be a voice for natural medicine and make it more available to people who are struggling with disease.”

Olivia can’t help but be proud of her daughter. “We have gone through all the mother-daughter stuff that everyone goes through,” she says. “But Chloe is an adult and our relationship has evolved. We have a wonderful time together.”

— Reporting by Katie Bruno