When your mom happens to be one of the biggest actresses on the planet, you should expect to be taken to plenty of movie premieres. And Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, were just able to bring their daughters to their first one ever!

Nicole, who plays Atlanna in the film Aquaman, recently spoke to E! News while at the movie’s Hollywood premiere and revealed that her daughters, 10-year-old Sunday Rose and seven-year-old Faith Margaret, were with her in what sounds like quite the bonding experience. “It was really fun because my kids are inside and this is the first premiere they’ve ever been to,” the 51-year-old actress said. Nicole also mentioned that Sunday and Faith weren’t the only kids there as children from her show Big Little Lies also happened to be at the premiere. “So Keith has the girls inside and then we have the kids from Big Little Lies, and they’re all friends, so they’re all here,” Nicole continued, adding, “So it’s a kid’s night. It’s a kid premiere tonight.”

Nicole and Kids
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Aquaman is a movie for everyone so Nicole doesn’t have to worry about her kids being scarred, although Nicole recently told Amy Adams in an interview for Variety that she can’t even think about Sunday and Faith viewing some of her past movies (Eyes Wide Shut for starters.) “It’s incredibly exposing and vulnerable,” Nicole said. “I’m actually scared how to explain some of the choices.” Sunday and Faith aren’t Nicole’s only kids as she also has two more with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, whom she was married to from 1990 to 2001. Nicole and Tom are parents to 25-year-old Isabella Jane Cruise and 23-year-old Conner Cruise, who are both adopted.

As for Aquaman, the film is out on Dec. 21, so now we all have something to watch on Christmas if we want to go out and ignore our family.