She may know a thing or two about Hollywood glitz and glamour, but Nicole Kidman is just a normal person at heart. Though being a Golden Globe winner is anything but ordinary, the Big Little Lies actress reportedly insisted that she and her husband, Keith Urban, “actually have a very normal life” when they aren’t working, Hello! reported.

You probably don’t agree, but Nicole gets that all the time. “We say this over and over again and people always go, ‘Yeah, right,’ but we do,” Nicole said of people questioning their level of normalcy.

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In fact, the 51-year-old revealed that their lives are very quiet when she isn’t filming for a role or her country crooner hubby isn’t away on tour. “We live in Nashville, not in LA, and we live there for a reason,” Nicole pressed. “I like the peacefulness of it there, I like the solitude.”

The blonde beauty said that Nashville is her escape from the Hollywood life, however, she loves being able to flip-flop between the two. “I like being able to step into the celebrity life for a moment when I need to, and then back out to all the day-to-day things.” She especially appreciates the uncomplicated life when it comes to her two daughters, Sunday, 10, and Faith, 8.

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But just because she likes to wind down somedays and relax, doesn’t mean Nicole doesn’t thank her lucky stars for her awe-inspiring career. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate or have gratitude for the incredible things that I have been given,” Nicole assured, it’s just that she likes to “step away from it when I need to and keep things simple.”

One way Nicole and Keith, 51, keep things simple is by writing each other handwritten notes. “We write notes in our house which I think it a sweet thing to do,” Nicole admitted. “We’ll leave them somewhere around the house or I’ll leave them for my daughters to discover in their bags or backpack, or sometimes in their lunchbox.” The Kidman-Urban clan is just too adorable!