He’s gotten so big! Natalie Portman‘s son, Aleph Portman-Millepied, almost looked unrecognizable when he recently attended a basketball game with his doting mother. The seven-year-old sat in the front row cheering for the LA Lakers in a game against the San Antonio Spurs with Natalie — and he looked like the spitting image of his dad, Benjamin Millepied.

The pair seemed to be having a good time since they would occasionally jump out of their seats when their team scored a point. Though Aleph supported his team by wearing a Lakers jersey, Natalie, 37, opted to wear an oversized sweater and a pair of blue jeans instead. 

Natalie Portman son, Aleph
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Sadly, Natalie’s younger daughter, Amalia Millepied, did not attend the exciting game, but at least Natalie got to spend a little bit of quality time with Aleph. As a working mom, Natalie likes to spend as much time with her kids as possible.

“When I’m not working, I’m pretty much exclusively with my family, so my rituals have to do with school, meal preparation, playdates, bedtime,” she previously told The New York Times Style Magazine.“I do the whole week’s laundry, which I love because it’s a task with a clear beginning and end. And then we spend the weekend together as a family — usually somewhere in nature, often with friends who have children. Lots of cooking.”

Natalie Portman and her husband, Benjamin.
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Natalie and her husband, Benjamin.

Natalie shares both of her kids with her husband and dancer, Benjamin. Once they welcomed Aleph and Amalia together, they noticed how much their lives had changed. “Time goes exponentially fast as a parent. I hate saying it, cause ugh, we hated it so much when people said it to us,” Natalie said about her and Benjamin. “They always said it, and now we say it, and it’s awful, and we’re old. But it’s also true.”