You don’t have to travel all the way to Hollywood to find out who Natalie Portman is. The 37-year-old actress made herself a household name when she starred in many critically-acclaimed films such as the 2010 movie Black Swan and 2016’s Jackie. Though fans might rush to get Natalie’s autograph if they happen to see her out and about, she just admitted that her two young kids, Amalia Millepied, nearly 2, and Aleph Portman-Millepied, 7, don’t know that she’s famous yet.

“They haven’t seen my movies yet because I think it’s scary for them to see me as anything other than mom,” Natalie explained in a new interview with People. “But they’ve seen me in costume, so they’ve had a glimpse.”

Natalie Portman's son, Aleph
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Natalie met her husband, Benjamin Millepied, when he helped her practice her ballet dancing on the set of Black Swan. Their chemistry was undeniable and it wasn’t long until they fell in love and started a family. “He knows me so well both as a person and also in terms of my strengths and limitations as a dancer,” Natalie gushed. “He’s the kindest to work with. He’s very encouraging and gentle.”

Benjamin and Natalie didn’t stop working together after Black Swan either. She told People in a previous interview that she began working with Benjamin again for her new movie Vox Lux and so far its been great!

Natalie Portman and her husband, Benjamin.
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Natalie and her husband, Benjamin.

“It was fun to get to watch him create because I don’t often watch him in the studio. Just to see the ease and the expertise that he has, and of course with different kinds of dance too, was really, really stunning,” she said. “He was really able to create choreography very seamlessly and quickly because we had very little time.” Looks like Natalie and Benjamin’s work relationship is just as great as their personal one!