Even though Joan Rivers died in 2014, we’ll never forget her quick-witted humor. The TV personality’s daughter Melissa Rivers remembered her mom when she shared a throwback photo to Instagram of Kelly Osbourne feeling up her mom on the red carpet.

“As you can see, I was shocked when Kelly tried to feel my mother up!” the 52-year-old hilariously penned the caption. “But she calmly said, ‘Lower my darling. Remember I’m 80 years old.'”

2012 E! Upfront, New York, America - 30 Apr 2012

The late Fashion Police star’s fans completely loved the pic Melissa shared. One commented, “Really miss her! She always made me laugh!” Another said, “I miss you so much, Joan!!!!!! Award season and so many things just aren’t the same. Not even close to as fun as they were with you! 💗.” A third added, “Hahaha! This is hilarious!”

In September 2014, Joan died at age 81 due to complications from throat surgery. Since her death, Melissa admits Hollywood hasn’t been the same.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever going to be like my mom again!” the Dave the Barbarian star previously told Closer Weekly. “Hopefully there’ll be someone who does something similar but, come on, we’re never gonna be able to replace my mom.”

One reason why Melissa believes Joan is irreplaceable is because of her mother’s sentimental attitude. “She genuinely listened and cared about what people said, so people shared things with her they normally wouldn’t with anyone else,” she once wrote in a first-person essay on Closer. “I think that’s because everyone felt they knew her so well since she was so open about things she’d gone through, like my father’s death in 1987.

Fashion Police - 2002

Joan’s legacy still lives on in her daughter and Melissa’s 19-year-old son, Edgar Endicott. “I look at my son and I think he is the truest example of my mother’s legacy,” Melissa explained to Closer. “He’s smart, funny, and kind. He’s such a good person — where did he get that from?”