Beloved comedienne Joan Rivers may still be alive today if doctors had started CPR and called 911 immediately after the star went into cardiac arrest during her fatal throat surgery on Aug. 28, a new report states.

The shocking new report claims Yorkville Endoscopy’s former medical director, Dr. Lawrence Cohen, and Joan’s own doctor, Dr. Gwen Korovin, failed to react to the 81-year-old ‘Fashion Police’ host’s ailing condition throughout the procedure. She died one week later.

The doctors allegedly continued to operate on Joan’s larynx and trachea 14 minutes after her pulse and blood pressure first began to plummet.

joan rivers

Fans left flowers and cards on Joan’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame following her death.

When Joan went into cardiac arrest, Cohen and Korovin reportedly waited 10 minutes before calling 911, according to EMT records obtained by ‘The New York Post’ and a federal report released this month.

“She had no heartbeat, no pulse, she wasn’t breathing,” a source said of her condition when an ambulance arrived at the clinic at on Thursday, Aug. 28.

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The insider continued: “She had cyanosis around the lips and the mouth — that’s when your lips turn blue from lack of oxygen. That takes several minutes without oxygen.”

joan and melissa rivers

Joan and Melissa in July 2013.

Since her mother’s untimely death on Sept. 4, Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, is allegedly preparing to take legal action against both the clinic and Joan’s doctors after she learned routine procedure was not followed during the operation.