The last thing that Melissa McCarthy is going to do for her kids, Vivian Falcone, 11, and Georgette Falcone, 9, is spoil them. In a new exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the 48-year-old star opened up about how she teaches her kids the value of hard work.

“Her daughters are far from spoiled and have to earn their allowance by doing chores around the house,” an insider said. “It’s what Melissa did when she was growing up and she tells them it taught her to appreciate what she has today.”

Melissa McCarthy Daughters

Melissa shares her kids with her husband and Life of the Party costar, Ben Falcone, and when she goes food shopping for her family, she’s not afraid of using coupons. “Melissa isn’t a regular at Saks or Barneys New York – she loves her Target and her bargain basement deals,” the source explained. “She still gets a kick out of coupon shopping. She’s set up savings accounts for her kids and tells them she got to where she is by saving and investing, not spending it all.”

Vivian and Georgette will definitely learn a lot from their hardworking parents. That’s why Melissa previously told InStyle magazine that she gives “500 percent on everything” that she does because she can’t afford to fail. “It can all go away as fast as it came,” Melissa said about her Hollywood success. “If this all goes away and I didn’t try, I’d be, like, the dumbest idiot on Earth.”

If Melissa’s kids grow up to be just as hardworking as she is, then she knows that she’s done her job right. “When someone doesn’t really put in the effort, it just makes me mad,” Melissa explained. “Nothing is more unflattering than someone who doesn’t try. Lack of effort is such a douchey, poseur thing to do. I’d rather watch someone try hard and fail.”

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