Even though dinner is typically served before the Golden Globes, Melissa McCarthy made sure her famous friends didn’t go hungry in the middle of the show. The Life Of The Party star handed out 40 ham and cheese sandwiches from the LA hotspot Joan’s on Third during the soiree on Sunday, Jan. 6.

Her suspected accomplice, Ben Falcone, shared a picture to Instagram of the evidence. “These are the sandwiches that Mooch smuggled into the Golden Globes. We brought 40, left with two,” the 48-year-old’s husband wrote in the caption of a photo where the sandwiches can be seen stuffed in a black bag. “We left with some happy customers.” See the hysterical photo below!

The ham and cheese hand-out was apparently such a big hit at the famous award show that Melissa said this wouldn’t be the last of her kind gesture. “I’ve been handing them out to everyone. Next year, I’m bringing hot dogs,” she told Variety.

The sandwich situation was such a good idea that her acting pals went as far as thanking Melissa in their acceptance speeches. “Thank you for the sandwiches, amazing,” Olivia Coleman said in her hilarious shout-out to the actress who was kept anonymous, according to the outlet.

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Jessica Chastain also dished her appreciation for the tasty finger-food. “How did she get them in here?” she asked Variety. “It’s a good idea because by the time you get into the ballroom dinner has already been served, and you’re always so hungry.”

Considering Melissa only had 40 sandwiches to give out, not everyone was able to get their hands on the mid-show snack. We assume Julia Roberts was one of the less fortunate considering she snapped a photo of herself indulging in In-N-Out Burger following the awards show. “Fun Night With My Fella,” the 51-year-old actress wrote in the Instagram post‘s caption of her smooching her hubby, Danny Moder. “Congratulations to All! And to all a good ( burger) night.”