Uh oh! It looks like Melissa Etheridge’s passionate support of medical marijuana may have gotten her into a little hot water on Aug. 17! The “Come to My Window” singer was busted with cannabis oil when her tour bus was stopped by Border Patrol and searched by drug dogs while trying to enter the United States from Canada over the summer, according to TMZ. When police found the controlled substance, Melissa was immediately arrested.

Don’t worry, Melissa didn’t have to spend the night in jail, she simply took a mugshot (where she’s literally grinning), pleaded not guilty, and went on her way. Melissa told police that she uses the oil for treating pain associated with breast cancer after she was diagnosed in 2004 — it can be ingested or rubbed on the skin, and depending on what kind of oil she has, may not even have psychoactive effects. The oil is totally legal in California, where Melissa lives — the problem is that she entered the US in North Dakota, where the substance is still illegal.

Melissa has been vocal about her support for medical marijuana since she did Yahoo‘s “Weed & the American Family” project. “My family, all four of my children, understand cannabis — they call it medicine,” she explained. “Going through chemotherapy is suffering.” She revealed that a friend told her cannabis made the process bearable, and she opted to use it instead of painkillers and other unnatural drugs. “I smoked to be out of pain, it wasn’t about being high, it was just being in a place where I could communicate with my children, where I could get up and eat, it was wonderful.”

On top of helping her pain, Melissa revealed it also “enhances” her sexual experiences with her wife Linda Wallem, brings her closer to her kids, and helps her sleep. “Cannabis is a resource, cannabis is an alternative,” she explained. Perhaps this arrest will help bring even more attention to her cause!