On Wednesday, July 4, Donald Trump and Melania Trump greeted members of the military and their families at the White House for their second annual Fourth of July picnic. And while the FLOTUS is known for avoiding her husband’s touch, she decided to hold the President’s hand as he addressed the crowd from the Truman Balcony. But just because the couple put on a rare public display of affection doesn’t mean the First Lady enjoyed it. According to body language expert Patti Wood, the new photos of Melania and Donald reveal the FLOTUS actually looked “uncomfortable.”

When asked to evaluate the first Instagram photo Melania posted of herself and her husband standing on the balcony side-by-side, Patti told Life & Style, the First Lady “doesn’t look relaxed and at ease.” She explained that Melania’s “arms are very stiff, straight, and close to her side in a more frozen-in-place position,” and added that “they look like they are right next to each other, where it’s a little different because usually he’s stepped out in front, just a little bit more.” Patti said, “the balcony is a more formal picture,” so she wouldn’t expect them to pack on the PDA. However, she thinks it’s “interesting” that Melania “has the standard arms glued to her side and she looks so uncomfortable.”

As for the picture of the couple holding hands? Well, Wood still saw the gesture as a way for Donald to assert his power. “He’s holding her hand down, which is showing [he’s] superior and [in] control,” Wood explained. “What is a little bit different is most of the time when she holds his hands, she is not holding back and allowing, in some respects, her hands to be held, while in this case, her fingers are around him, holding hands.”

melania and donald trump holding hands

Ultimately, Wood believed Donald and Melania’s body language — especially their lack of mutual eye contact — is more telling than we realize. “She is turning her neck and her head to look at him and smile. It’s not a full, complete happy smile,” Patti shared. “It looks like what I like to say her ‘model smile.’ It’s a big model smile. ‘Look at me, I’m happy.'”