She’s not headed towards the exit! Meghan McCain may have our off days on The View, but don’t expect the TV personality to up and leave the popular daytime talk show, as that is just not the way she does things.

“Meghan has a love/hate relationship with The View, but lately, its mostly hate. There are many days when she’s reading to swivel out of her chair, storm out of the studio, and call it a day,” an insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “And she knows that there are a lot of viewers that would love for her to just give up and quit, but that’s not her style — Meghan’s not a quitter.”

Megan McCain
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This comes after rumors that John McCain‘s daughter was feeling quite defeated and like a “caged animal” at the ABC program, especially after a bout of negative publicity. However, Meghan is sticking around. “Yes, she gets angry and exasperated and has it out with [cohosts] Joy [Behar], Whoopi [Goldberg], the producers and even snaps at the audience at times, but at the end of the day, she loves a good fight,” the source continues. “Meghan has an opinion and she doesn’t want to give up the platform she has on The View because she really believes in speaking her mind and showing the other side.”

While notable hosts have quit from the show in the past, it seems like Meghan won’t be going down the same route. “Don’t hold your breath waiting for some dramatic explosion and exit, like a Rosie O’Donnell or Elisabeth Hasselbeck moment,” the insider explains. “Meghan will explode again, that’s a given, but she’s staying put. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC extended her contract and gave her a raise. Meghan may be polarizing, but she’s good TV.” Wow!

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Other hosts from the long-running show have had big issues from their time on the panel, including Jenny McCarthy, who was fired and compared that day to a memorable scene from Game of Thrones. “I call it the Red Wedding at The View, the day there was like 17 people let go,” the 46-year-old recalled on her SiriusXM radio show. “The way they handled pretty much anyone’s firing was, I think, unprofessional.” She added, “Terribly unprofessional.”

It seems like Meghan will remain on the panel for now, but we will continue to keep an eye on this situation!

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