Jenny McCarthy isn’t taking her departure from The View too personally, going so far as to admit the gig was “just a stepping stone” in her career.

When asked by Howard Stern if she was, in fact, fired, the blonde beauty responded, “Yes and no,” adding, “If I wanted to stay with Rosie [O’Donnell] and I was a Republican, I would still be there right now.”

But although she enjoyed her time at the round table, Jenny confessed there were elements of the show she never liked.

jenny mccarthy

“The View” co-hosts for Season 17: (from left) Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny, Sherri Shepherd & Barbara Walters

“It was probably around February, I went, ‘God I’m not allowed to be the best of me here,’ I feel like to have a voice, to be able to speak without having to interrupt people…it’s very difficult,” the 41-year-old explained.

“It’s very uncomfortable, so I felt like, ‘You know what? Maybe this is just a stepping stone for me to go somewhere where I can actually be my full self.'”

And she’ll have that chance when her new SiriusXM weekly satellite radio show titled, “Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy,” premieres July 16. The former Playboy Playmate will talk about everything from sex to parenting.

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“It’s no secret that I love to talk. I’m excited to do it on SiriusXM without having to interrupt anyone or keep things clean. You can bet your sweet ass this show will live up to its title,” she said about the new gig.

But while she prepares to begin a new chapter in her career, Jenny highlighted her fond memories of working with View showrunner, Barbara Walters.

“The most rewarding [part] has definitely been working with Barbara Walters for a year, I mean work[ing] under her and just…asking her questions backstage has been the most intriguing thing,” she told the radio host.