The very first photos of Meghan Markle on her royal wedding day have arrived! Once the first snapshots of Meghan riding to Windsor Castle emerged, multiple reports stated that the bride is wearing Queen Mary’s Sapphire Bandeau Tiara on her big day.

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Prior to Meghan’s wedding day, it was rumored that she would not wear Kate Middleton’s wedding tiara to her nuptials because the Cartier Halo tiara — which Kate borrowed from Queen Elizabeth — is currently on display at the National Gallery of Australia. Scroll down to see more royal tiaras Meghan was rumored to wear at her wedding!

The Lover’s Knot Tiara

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This unique combination of pearls and diamonds was originally made for Queen Mary and is a replica of a tiara that belonged to Queen Mary’s grandmother. Queen Mary’s version used pearls from other jewelry as drops and uprights on the cresting, but these were later removed. Queen Elizabeth wore the tiara in the 1950s and then loaned it to Princess Diana as a wedding gift. Diana chose to wear a family heirloom on her 1981 wedding day but the tiara is now often worn by Kate Middleton.

The Kokoshnik Tiara

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Dazzling and sitting up high and proud, the Kokoshnik tiara is a wall of 488 diamonds formed of 61 graduated bars catching light from all angles. It’s based on the traditional Russian girl’s headdress favored by all the ladies of the Russian court and was a gift to Alexandra, Princess of Wales for her 25th wedding anniversary in 1888 from the “Ladies Society,” a group of 365 UK peeresses. Queen Mary inherited the fabulous tiara in 1925 and famously wore it for her official 80th birthday portrait. She bequeathed it to her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth, in 1953.

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

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The name says it all. This pretty diamond, silver, and gold tiara was literally a gift from the girls of Great Britain and Ireland, purchased from the Garrard jewelry house with money raised by a committee for a wedding present for Princess Victoria of Teck. In her thank you letter, the Princess said that the tiara, “will ever be one of my most valued wedding gifts.” Incredibly, there were funds left over which were donated to widows and orphans of men lost in the accidental sinking of HMS Victoria in 1893 — a request made by the Princess.

It originally included pearls around the top but was adapted in 1914 by Queen Mary, who later gave the tiara to Princess Elizabeth as a wedding present. As Queen, Elizabeth has worn the tiara many times throughout her reign and on trips throughout the Commonwealth.

The Greville Tiara

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Margaret Greville was a very wealthy socialite with an impressive jewel box. The Greville tiara was made for her in diamonds and platinum in 1921 by Boucheron in Paris and when she died in 1942, she bequeathed it to Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. In 1953, it was remodeled by Cartier and became one of the royal’s favorite headpieces. The tiara then passed on to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth, in 2002 and has since been loaned to her daughter-in-law Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who wears it regularly.

The Vladimir Tiara

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Of all the royal tiaras, the Vladimir has to be one of the most magnificent. It was made for Russian royal Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, wife of Grand Duke Vladimir and aunt of Tsar Nicholas II. During the Russian Revolution, it was smuggled out and eventually sold to Queen Mary, who sent it for restoration. It is a piece of exquisite craftsmanship, able to be worn in three ways: with pearls, with emeralds or without either, showing off its intertwining circles of diamonds. The emeralds had previously belonged to Indian royalty… but that’s another story! The Queen inherited the tiara in 1953 and it has become one of her most recognizable jewels, especially when worn with the Delhi Durbar emerald and diamond necklace.

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