Try as she might, Samantha Markle has failed to get a public rise out her royal sibling, Meghan Markle, and it doesn’t seem as if she’s going to succeed anytime soon. “There is not a chance in hell that Meghan is going to lower herself and meet with her half-sister,” a source close to the Duchess of Sussex revealed to the Daily Mail of the pair coming together to confront and reconcile their differences. 

“Samantha is kidding herself if she thinks there is any possibility of getting together with Meghan or anyone from the royal family for that matter,” the insider continued. “Meghan and Samantha are not close in the slightest — they never have been and it’s doubtful they ever will be, especially after all of Samantha’s name-calling and bullying.” In case you missed it, Samantha recently compared Meghan’s dashing husband, Prince Harry, to a hamster on his 34th birthday.

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The source added that Meghan has other things to concern herself with, including finding her mother, Doria Ragland, a place to stay when she comes to the UK for extended visits. Unfortunately, that task is proving to be more difficult than Meghan intended thanks to her Prince’s hesitance. 

“Harry doesn’t mind Meghan’s mom staying with them for a couple of weeks until she finds a place of her own, but only as a short-term solution,” a palace insider revealed to Life & Style. “Harry adores Doria and is happy that she’s moving to London to keep Meghan company, but the idea of them all living under the same roof is just too much to take on.”

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Don’t be mistaken, though, Harry does plan on taking care of his mother-in-law no matter what! “Meghan and Harry are looking to purchase a townhouse in London for Doria,” the insider added, “so that they can have their own space.” That’s certainly a nice enough gesture, right? We hope that between Doria’s living situation and the rest of Meghan’s, er, quirky family, the pair has found time for each other. 

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